What Is The Lowest Price To Complete A Driving Safety Course?

In Texas, by law the minimum price for a driving safety course is $25. Many driving safety schools offer their driving safety course for this minimum price of $25, however, there are several other additional costs that you need to take into account when deciding on your choice of course. It is very important that you know what the entire cost of the course will be before you decide on a school because once you start taking the course it is unlikely you will give up and choose another course. Some the cost that you need to consider are,

  • Cost to receive a certifiate: You might think that once you complete your course you will receive you certificate instantly, however, this is not always the case. Some schools charge for instant certificate download. If you want your certificate soon you have to consider the cost of instant downlowd or express delivery.
  • Cost of receiving a driving record: The court requires you to get a Type 3A driving record and present it along with you driving safety school certificate. All course providers offer to get retrive your driving record for you but you need to know upfront what those costs are. In Texas you can get your driving record here for $12. If you decide to get the driving record through a school, the school will probably charge additional fees to handle this for you.
  • Certificate replacement: Sometimes you have to get a replacement driving safety course certificate because of incorrect student or court information. The cost to replace could be sometimes as high as $25. You should make sure you have all your information entered corretly when you register for the course.

There are some schools that allow you to complete their course free of charge, you only have to pay to receive your certificate. You should also look for courses that offer free addons like audio option, video and instant download. You should be able to complete the course and receive a certificate for $25.