5 Leading Texas Driving Safety Schools

In 2019 the leading driving safety courses in Texas in order of the number of completed certificates were, Defensivedriving.com, Comedy Driving Inc, I Drive Safely Driving Course, Comedy Defensive Driving, and Aware Driver. Together the 5 leading course providers accounted for over 60% of all the driving safety course certificates. All these courses have one thing in common: they advertise heavily on Google. If you search Defensive Driving or Driving Safety these five courses providers show up all the time.

Number of completed certificates - By 5 leading Driving Safety Course Providers
Course Provider License # Number Of Certificates
DefensiveDriving.com CP284 106,730
Comedy Driving Inc. CP319 83,861
I Drive Safely Defensive Driving Course CP022 58,225
Comedy Defensive Driving CP333 51,726
Aware Driver CP995 35,165

Since most people want to get over with the unpleasant situation of a speeding ticket as quickly as possible they end up choosing one that appears on top of the Google search results. At this point the content or the course quality is hardly an issue. A driving safety course is supposed to last 6 hour so how bad can it be. Obviously this strategy is working for the big players. There were 75 driving safety course providers in the state of Texas in 2019, however, only less then 7% issued 60% of the certificates. This just confirms my theory that most people just pick a course from their top Google search. Of course no one will go over all 75 course providers before deciding what course to take. On average, people spend less than 5 minutes before they decide on which course they choose.

The main motivation behind creating this website is to be the one stop shop for driving safety related questions. As you can see there are some very popular courses around, however, in my opinion they are not the easiest or the cheapest. There are several other courses providers that offer easier and more entertaining courses for the minumum price of $25.